Issue Regarding Certified-Conformance Mode

Versions of Sonobuoy Impacted

  • v0.53.0
  • v0.53.1


When running sonobuoy run --mode=certified-conformance the E2E_SKIP value is not properly cleared, leading to disruptive tests being skipped. In certified-conformance mode, all tests must be run to be valid for submission to the CNCF so this bug would invalidate your results.

Work-around #1

You can manually work-around this issue by adding an extra flag at the end of your command:

sonobuoy run --mode=certified-conformance --plugin-env e2e.E2E_SKIP

This will set the focus value to conformance as expected and then remove the E2E_SKIP value.

Work-around #2

Use a patched version of Sonobuoy. After this bug was reported and patched, we released v0.53.2.

Original issue

Thanks to BobyMCbobs for reporting the original issue: https://github.com/vmware-tanzu/sonobuoy/issues/1388

Getting Started

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