sonobuoy images delete

Deletes all images downloaded to local docker client

sonobuoy images delete [flags]


      --context string              Context in the kubeconfig to use.
      --dry-run                     If true, only print the image operations that would be performed.
      --e2e-repo string             Specify a registry for KUBE_TEST_REPO, overriding registries for test images.
      --e2e-repo-config string      Specify a yaml file acting as KUBE_TEST_REPO_LIST, overriding registries for test images.
  -h, --help                        help for delete
      --kubeconfig Kubeconfig       Path to explicit kubeconfig file.
      --kubernetes-version string   Use default E2E image, but override the version. Default is 'auto', which will be set to your cluster's version if detected, erroring otherwise. 'ignore' will try version resolution but ignore errors. 'latest' will find the latest dev image/version upstream.
  -p, --plugin strings              Describe which plugin's images to interact with (Valid plugins are 'e2e', 'systemd-logs'). (default [e2e,systemd-logs])

Options inherited from parent commands

      --level level   Log level. One of {panic, fatal, error, warn, info, debug, trace} (default info)


  • sonobuoy images - Manage images used in a plugin to facilitate running them in airgapped (or similar) environments. Supported plugins are: ‘e2e’
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Getting Started

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