Sonobuoy provides many flags to customize your run but sometimes you have a special use case that isn’t supported yet. For these cases, Sonobuoy provides sonobuoy gen.

The command sonobuoy gen will print the YAML for your run to stdout instead of actually creating it. It accepts all of the relevant flags for customizing the run just like sonobuoy run would. You can then edit it yourself and apply it as if Sonobuoy had run it.

Output the YAML Sonobuoy would create to a file:

sonobuoy gen --e2e-focus="sig-networking" --e2e-skip="Alpha" > sonobuoy.yaml

Then manually modify it as necessary. Maybe you need special options for plugins or want your own sidecar to be running with the images.

Finally, create the resources yourself via kubectl.

sonobuoy run -f sonobuoy.yaml

Note: If you find that you need this flow to accomplish your work, talk to us about it in our Slack channel or file an issue in Github. Others may have the same need and we’d love to help support you.

Getting Started

To help you get started, see the documentation.