Steps to cut a release

  1. Bump the version defined in the code. As of the time of writing it is in pkg/buildinfo/version.go.
  2. Commit and open a pull request.
  3. Create a tag after that pull request gets squashed onto master. git tag -a v0.13.0.
  4. Push the tag with git push --tags (note this will push all tags). To push just one tag do something like: git push <remote> refs/tags/v0.13.0 where <remote> refers to (this might be something like upstream or origin). If you are unsure, use the first option.
  5. Open a browser tab and go to: and verify go releaser for tag v0.13.0 completes successfully
  6. Upon successful completion of build job above, check the releases tab of and verify the artifacts and changelog were published correctly.
  7. Finally, as a sanity check, run the following command to make sure the image was pushed correctly: docker run -it /sonobuoy version. The output should match the release tag above.
Getting Started

To help you get started, see the documentation.