Generate reports on your Kubernetes cluster by running plugins


Sonobuoy is a Kubernetes component that generates reports on cluster conformance, configuration, and more

sonobuoy [flags]


  -h, --help          help for sonobuoy
      --level level   Log level. One of {panic, fatal, error, warn, info, debug, trace} (default info)


  • sonobuoy delete - Deletes Kubernetes resources that were generated by a Sonobuoy run
  • sonobuoy e2e - Generates a list of all tests and tags in that tests
  • sonobuoy gen - Generates a sonobuoy manifest for submission via kubectl
  • sonobuoy get - Fetches Sonobuoy resources of a specified type
  • sonobuoy images - Manage images used in a plugin to facilitate running them in airgapped (or similar) environments. Supported plugins are: ‘e2e’
  • sonobuoy logs - Dumps the logs of the currently running Sonobuoy containers for diagnostics
  • sonobuoy modes - Display the various modes in which to run the e2e plugin
  • sonobuoy plugin - Manage your installed plugins
  • sonobuoy query - Runs queries against your cluster in order to aid in debugging.
  • sonobuoy results - Inspect plugin results.
  • sonobuoy retrieve - Retrieves the results of a sonobuoy run to a specified path
  • sonobuoy run - Starts a Sonobuoy run by launching the Sonobuoy aggregator and plugin pods.
  • sonobuoy status - Gets a summarized status of a sonobuoy run
  • sonobuoy version - Print sonobuoy version
  • sonobuoy wait - Waits on the Sonobuoy run in the targeted namespace.
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Getting Started

To help you get started, see the documentation.